Starter Website

Our Starter Plan offers you your very own clean, professional looking site (Home Page, Webinar Page, Course Page, Class & Event Page).

Included with your Starter Website is a very easy to use Live Editor, allowing you to make your changes to the text and images within your site.

"The easiest and most professional software to start connecting your business with the world!

Home Page
Webinar Page
Courses Page
Classes Page
Events Page

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Will showcase your website on all platforms: PC, tablet or mobile device via responsive software

Our software has the capabilities of reducing the amount of content your PC website offers, so that it reflects a better user experience through Tablet and Mobile devices.

"More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile users, so it's important your website looks great no matter what device it's on!

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Free Website consisting of a Home Page, Webinars Page, Courses Page, Classes and Events Page

You will also receive your very own Administration privileges that allows you to modify your pages and add webinars, courses, classes and events to your site.


We welcome anyone to give it a go… there is no monthly fees and no contract! 

Bookstream will take care of all the billing fees, credit card fees, hosting fees and some marketing of your brand. We then will give 90% of your revenue straight back to you! 


We love helping business improve their knowledge of the online tools on offer, which is why we adopt a hands on approach.

We also offer some really handy tips and help documentation located in your Administration Dashboard. 

Yeah, why not.

We know how important it is to have your own business identity.

Your own domain name is available by upgrading to the Business Plan. Cost is $49 per month

I want to upgrade? 

No worries,  you can do so by going to your Administration Dashboard and select Plan Upgrade.