• You will receive your very own clean, professional looking site (Home Page, Webinar Page, Course Page, Class & Event Page).
  • Included with your Starter Website is a very easy to use Live Editor, allowing you to make your changes to the text and images within your site.
  • Upload as many Courses with content as you wish. 
  • If you want to include videos in your Courses, you will be required to set up your own account with your video provider e.g. You Tube, Vimeo.

This process is quick and easy to do!

  • Upload as many Live or Recorded Webinars as you wish. 
  • You will be required to set up your own account with your video provider e.g. You Tube, You Tube Live, Vimeo, Vimeo Livestream. 

This process is quick and easy to do!

  • You will receive an Online Booking System.
  • Customers can pay direct online and an auto email notification will be sent when their booking is complete.
  • Your website will be hosted for Free. 
  • Your business can reward an Affiliate for the number of visitors they send to your website via their own marketing efforts.
  • When a visiting customer purchases an item from your website, the affiliate that referred the business is paid a commission that you set.
  • Easy set up and commission payment system.
  • Bookstream will take care of all the billing fees, credit card fees, hosting fees and the marketing of your brand. We will then give 90% of your revenue straight back to you! 



Per Month

All Free Features


  • You will be able to have your own Business Domain Name (URL) and not the ‘’ you receive on the Starter plan.
  • Your website sign ups will appear automatically in Mailchimp lists.
  • Bookstream will take care of all the billing fees, credit card fees, hosting fees and the marketing of your brand. We will then give 90% of your revenue straight back to you! 



Per Month

All Free & business Features


That’s right…

if you are someone that has very little time to spend uploading content to your site, then the Enterprise Plan is for you!

  • You will receive a Dedicated Site Specialist that is on call to set up anything you require and upload any information to your site at your request. 
  • However, if you still wish to do add some things  yourself, then your Dedicated Site Specialist is here to guide you through the process, offer training and support where needed and provide some handy help documentation.
  • Yes, that’s right we will build your custom dream website that suits your needs and taste. 

Bookstream software allows you to operate a full online retail shop where you can display and sell your business products. 

  • Discounts and coupons to your products and assign different percentages to your various members and customers.
  • Choose from a wide selection of different shop templates.
  • Have the ability to add restrictions to establish who can view and use your shop.
  • Link your shop to your Mail Campaign Builder Wizard.
  • Simple and easy payment gateway set up on shop items.
  • Ability to set shipping rules and associated costs for products purchased through your site.
  • Sophisticated and stunning email / newsletter campaigns without having to leave the Bookstream site.
  • Categorise your members and customers into groups for the purpose of being able to send them marketing campaigns. This is an automated process achieved by setting up rules within your site.
  • An example of this could be when a customer makes a purchase, signs up to your newsletter, registers or pays for a course, webinar, class or event, they can be categorised into groups called All Users or a more refined lists called Customer Purchases, Newsletter Sign Ups, Registrations. 
  • Once groups have been established, you simply tick the categorised group that you want to send your mail campaign to… It’s that easy!

Automatic Payment Gateway is the perfect software solution for your customer Direct Debit Billing.

  • Auto generated Emails will be sent to your customers and you as the vendor, if customer payment fails. Follow up Emails are also sent each time payment fails thereafter.
  • Set up of recurring payments can be made weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Provide your customers with a sophisticated online POS store where you can showcase all your saleable products.
  • POS software will give you the ability to set restrictions on who can access various products, set discounts for various items, or various customers and members.
  • It also allows you to apply sale coupons to product items and package up a few items as one. 
  • Set up barcodes with the ability to print or display on phone for use within any class or event. Check In scanner available upon request.
  • Allowing your customers to apply coupons to product purchases, online courses and webinars, event and class bookings and subscriptions.
  • Apply restrictions for use of the vouchers by producing member or customer specific coupons.
  • Issue a recurring flat or percentage discount on coupons.
  • Restrict coupon usage by user role, minimum spend, products, product categories, emails, payment methods, shipping methods and expiry time.
  • Set coupons to expire at a specific date and time, limit the maximum discount amount for percentage discounts, and run automatic seasonal promotions.
  • Lightening fast SMS
  • High performance direct routes
  • 98% open rates
  • Global coverage
  • Confirmations, reminders and notifications are sent for bookings and cancellations
  • Quickly and easily create and send SMS campaigns to individuals or groups in one simple step
  • Send, receive and track messages worldwide
  • Ability to secure a dedicated number or random number
  • Free replies
  • Set member only perks and discounts as well as access restriction rules that ensure certain areas and information are only accessible to those you have issued access too.
  • Keep up to date with a host of detailed sales reports.