Point Of Sale

Provide your customers with a sophisticated online POS store where you can showcase all your saleable products.

POS software will give you the ability to set restrictions on who can access various products, set discounts for various items, or various customers and members.

It also allows you to apply sale coupons to product items and package up a few items as one. 

Set up barcodes with the ability to print or display on phone for use within any class or event. Check In scanner available upon request.

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We love helping business improve their knowledge of the online tools on offer, which is why we adopt a hands on approach.

Enterprise Plan customers receive a Dedicated Support Specialist to  ensure all your set up is done prior to sending your POS software live.

We also offer some really handy tips and help documentation located in your Administration Dashboard. 

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As a guide pricing for a complete Enterprise Plan is $399 per month + transaction fees.

Transaction fees will vary based on business size and number of transactions.