Focus on whats important!

This creative software allows you to connect and engage your customers far more efficiently, speeds up the administration duties of daily business and gives you a thorough history of daily operations so that you can recall information at the touch of a button.


Sales Reports

A complete reporting tool that details all your business sales, memberships, subscriptions and orders 

Smart Coupons

Allowing your customers to apply coupons to product purchases, event and class bookings

Point Of Sale

Perfect addition to your business. Software that allows you to process in house transactions at the touch of a button


Create articles that can be posted to your own website for all your customers to see or create restrictions so that only various members can view certain content.

mail campaigns

Using conventional mail providers usually means that you have to export lists and upload into their software each time you want to run a mail campaign.

Our software has alleviated this process by automatically assigning anyone that signs up on your website or purchases an item from your website into various set groups.

Our software also offers an array of creative templates as well as the ‘drag and drop’ image, text and buttons that you are used to with other mail providers.

Another unique feature is Mail Wizard, allowing you to simply apply your News posts directly to your mailout


Connect with your customers with our very easy to use SMS software. Send to individual or assigned groups within seconds


Full operating online retail shop that allows you to display and sell your business products. 

Ability to apply discounts to your products and assign it to various customers.