Mailchimp integration

If you currently use Mailchimp and you  want to continue using this mail campaign provider, then we have you covered!

Bookstream software now has the ability to integrate with Mailchimp.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases a product, sign up via email, register for an online course or webinar, book a class or event,  or purchase a subscription membership within your site, they will automatically be synced to your Mailchimp Email List.


What is the benefit of this?

Our automated Mailchimp integration means that you save time by not having to transfer your lists over to mailchimp manually. As we all know this is time consuming task that can now be alleviated! 

“Let our software integration do the work for you so you can focus on creating the perfect Mailchimp campaign!”


Email Campaign Builder

For those that are looking for an advanced Email Campaign Builder with all the benefits of other mail campaign providers.

What does it create?

  • Sophisticated and stunning email / newsletter campaigns without having to leave the Bookstream site.
  • Categorise your members and customers into groups for the purpose of being able to send them marketing campaigns. This is automatically done by setting up rules within your site for e.g. When a customer makes a purchase, signs up to your newsletter, registers or pays for a course, webinar, class or event, they could be categorised into a group called All Users or a more refined lists for e.g. Customer Purchases, Newsletter Sign Ups, Registrations. 
  • Simply tick the categorised group that you want to send your mail campaign to… It’s that easy!

What is Mail Wizard?

Within your site you have your various areas that your customers and members can engage with. An e.g. of this might be a Beginners Course listed under Courses or Senior Class listed under Events.

The Mail Wizard allows you to select the Beginners Course and the content will be automatically pasted straight into your Mail Campaign.

“You never have to manually build content for your Mail Out!”

Other Features:

  • Unlimited category sends per month
  • Send date/time specific campaigns.
  • Track email opens
  • Track location of email opens.
  • Track bounce rate of email
  • Send newsletters, drip campaigns.
  • Email Greeting Campaigns e.g. Birthday or Special occasion
  • Segment subscribers by which products they’ve enrolled in.
  • Track open rates & click rates to see how your campaigns are doing

Personal Drip Campaigns

Automatically send personalised emails to convert drop ins, win back lost customers and keep customers engaged.

Automatically send personalised emails to customers that have not used class passes or membership or subscription for a selected period of time.

Types of Personalised Drips: 

  • Educational – Provide relevant product info to prospects prior to puchase.
  • Re Engage – designed to win back the interest of colder leads.
  • Competitive – target your competitors customers with the benefits of switching to your product.
  • Promotional – entice prospects with limited run promotions and specials.
  • Training – used for new clients or internal use to move readers through a training program.


SMS Scheduler has a number of amazing features:

  • Lightening fast SMS
  • High performance direct routes
  • 98% open rates
  • Global coverage
  • Confirmations, reminders and notifications are sent for bookings and cancellations
  • Quickly and easily create and send SMS campaigns to individuals or groups in one simple step
  • Send, receive and track messages worldwide
  • Ability to secure a dedicated number or random number
  • Free replies

Online Shop

Bookstream software allows you to operate a full online retail shop where you can display and sell your business products. 

You will have the ability to apply the following: 

  • Discounts and coupons to your products and assign different percentages to your various members and customers.
  • Choose from a wide selection of different shop templates.
  • Have the ability to add restrictions to establish who can view and use your shop.
  • Link your shop to your Mail Campaign Builder Wizard.
  • Simple and easy payment gateway set up on shop items.
  • Ability to set shipping rules and associated costs for products purchased through your site.

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Enterprise Plan customers will receive the suite marketing resources listed above.

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If you need assistance then we can help you with the process. 


We love helping business improve their knowledge of the online tools on offer, which is why we adopt a hands on approach.

Enterprise Plan customers receive a Dedicated Support Specialist to guide you along the way, as well as ensure all your set up is done prior to sending your website and software live.

We also offer some really handy tips and help documentation located in your Administration Dashboard.